Collision Theory

Collision Theory percussion duo strikes to the core. Two women - Arwen Johnston and Amy Valent - draw on the wealth of new and established composers from their native Australia.

Simultaneously they weave their audiences through a myriad of Argentinean tango, Japanese Taiko drumming, Middle Eastern dance rhythms and contemporary sounds.

The core of their repertoire is performed on 5-octave marimba and 4-octave vibraphone. Bass recorder, hand drums, taiko, flute, a range of tuned percussion and found objects combine to create breathtaking performances.

Collaborations with performers and composers from across the world add to the vitality. Double bass, soprano, cello and choir have, at various times, collided with the duo to open up a profusion of musical sounds.

Email Collision Theory to purchase their self-titled CD. Includes works by Westlake, Piazzolla and Collision Theory.